Half Day : 3000 Rs

Half Day : 5000 Rs

Half Day : 8000 Rs

Half Day : 12000 Rs

Half Day : 20000 Rs

Half Day : 15000 Rs



I recently rented a car from Shadman, and the experience was easy-going. The cars they have are quite nice, not too fancy but definitely comfortable. The rental process was straightforward, and the staff were friendly and helpful. I appreciated the simplicity of it all – no complications, just a good, smooth service. If you’re looking for a hassle-free car rental, Shadman is a solid choice.


I opted for Shadman for a recent car rental, and I found it to be an affordable and reliable choice. The cars are decent, latest models, and they get the job done without any issues. What I liked most was the straightforward process – no hidden fees, no complicated paperwork. The staff was friendly and made the experience hassle-free. If you’re on a budget and want a reliable ride, Shadman is worth considering.


Shadman offers a no-frills but solid rental experience. The cars may not be flashy, but they are reliable and in good condition. The rental process was simple, and the staff were polite and efficient. It’s a straightforward service without unnecessary complications. If you’re after a reliable ride without breaking the bank, Shadman is a practical choice.